Saturday, December 13, 2008

aren't bball jerseys the dopest?!

i was lying there during practise today thinking
"why am i so fresh and cool?"
i mean not only are they aesthetically cool they're also so functional they breath like a mofo.

recently i've been so hype on finding these in my secret second hand stores. i mean new jerseys are aiight but
these old school joints are fresh and they're cheap(if you can find them haha) like 15-bucks-cheap.
but i'm not telling you my spots i don't need any competition thank you very much.

earl i'll kick you as much as you want brother. i'm not letting you stop until you die

style force, burnaBEAST ryeone tons of fun signing out


re-definedope said...

i know your secret spots ;) haha

Skitch Clothing said...

I'm really feeling this post. I too have recently started collecting vintage nba jerseys. I picked a the cream of the crop though about a month and a half ago. Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey in very good condition for $13.