Friday, December 19, 2008

hair.. don't you just hate the stuff

recently i've been caught in a dilemma to shave or not to shave that is the question.
i've been shaving my head for just about a year now. and it's so conveniant i waste very little soap and secretly i rub my head cause it feels good ... but now i've come to a cross roads. to grow out or to shave it. so i ask you faithful readers what do you think. i made a poll so you can vote. i'd  appreciate the female perspective more but guys can vote too.
here are some photos to help you decide.

getting long..

short was good it got me mad kisses from girls and b.... jp haha
grown ass hair for a grown ass man. my ass isn't grown i'm just sayin. nevermind.
the poll is just below our links ---->

i'll post the results once the polls are in. and a little more news later keep clicking peeps
rye123 out

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