Monday, December 15, 2008

i heart my mommy

so i was eating breakfast this morning when i found this opened mail on the table.
not so much the mail but what my mom wrote on the mail. i'll give you a little background. basically the story is this, we have this lame sissy ass mail man i call him the mail not man. and everytime he comes and he sees our dog is out doing her morning business dude chickens out and goes around the block and skips our house. and he write this on your mail.
"no delivery dog loose" so guess what my mom writes hahahahahaa
there are moments in my childhood where growing up with asian parents was a pain but this makes up for it all.
between my mom and her badass'ness and my dad and his tribe called quest cd parents can be awesome.

oh if there is any doubt as to the level of danger involved in being near my dog...

off to see a man about a jacket rye1 out.