Thursday, December 11, 2008

my friend jeff :)

earl you know we will definitely be repping at that jam!

anyways recently my friend jeff has been getting a lot of attention from everywhere. he was in a article in the 24 he was on tv on the urban rush! man... i've never known anyone become so famous. but jeff isn't letting it go to his head hes still the same old guy all he asks is you don't look him in the eye and that you call him THE jeff hahahahaha. jk! jeff is not only the most famous guy i know hes also coincidentally the most humble guy i know. so jeff this ones for you!

he is also in this posting for hypebeast click on the picture to learn of his strange artistic eccentricities

i took these weird pictures of jeff on my tv

hes promoting his shoe design for the converse one hundREDs pack.

by the way his site is the one in funky rainbow colours right there >>>>>>>>
booooooom is definitely a site you'll want to check out if you are into art at all or if you just like cool stuff.

this message has been brought to you from your rye in the sky channel ryeone

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