Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog hunting

Jam of the hour, Wade-Pot of Gold

So i went blog hunting for about an hour and came upon some dope blogs which included some videos that i wanted to share with all of you guys, this is a specific cypher with krs one and mickey factz if you don't know who mickey factz is hes a NY based rapper, whose been holding it down for 2 years now. Check out "Rockin N Rollin" ft Cool Kidz, hes been making made mixtapes online and i've just recently been listening to him, how the f**k does KRS ONE do that seems to amaze me everytime

One more, I'm not sure if i'm late for this or if anyone knows about it but heres a heads up on what collabo is dropping soon. I hope you Jordan heads appreciate this.

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re-definedope said...

"i'm not saying i'm number one.oh i'm sorry i lied. i'm number one two three four and five!"
-krs one.
one love h.e.r