Saturday, April 11, 2009

vancouver OH GEES

the title says it all. what most people don't know about me is i'm like a sponge. i absorb information and knowledge like crazy. my knowledge of vancouver bboy history is pretty vast. so heres a little lesson in vancouver bboy scene. me and my bromie brian were chilling and he was surfing through youtube videos tagged under "vancouver-bboy" and he came across this video.

see if you can spot a few local celebrities

contents under pressure is a definite OG crew it's pretty crazy seeing dj flipout in action and rob rizk too. and seeing that they aren't half bad too! who really blew me away though was jayzar

this dude.
his stuff was on some other level...
stolen from mango's bboy album speaking of mango
look at his boobies
and also look at the spot hes practising in "roundhouse" see i pay attention.

ryeone the sponge over and out


Anonymous said...

contents were on some next level shit back then
i forgot who i heard it from but back then jayzar won a whole 1 on 1 competition at a rocksteady anniversary
these are the dudes massive mentored n shit

wish they were still around when i was starting i think the scene would have been so much different if they were still holding strong today

rye said...

word up definitely in agreement on that one^