Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some more cooking with ryan

you know what else is nice on a sunny afternoon like today?
a little spinach pizza.

i haven't gotten many comments on this stuff so i don't actually post the recipes if you want the recipe you're gonna have to do a little more then just creep the blog and leave. comments people comments. i can see how many people visit a day ...

so if you wanna see more of this

then i wanna see more comments.

btw i had a bit of spinach left so i went ahead and made some spinach gomae
the recipe for spinach gomae is so ridiculously simple and delicious you'd be stupid not to try it.
peanut butter, soy sauce, a bit of sugar, mirin, and a drop of sesame oil

ps. skitchblog did a bikecheck on my baby  check it out 



yongnfresh said...

Calling Ry1 and Easy-E:
We seriously need to sesh together???

Skitch Clothing said...

Dude loving the cooking with ryan posts! I'm going to try and make some spinach gomae tomorrow, that looks awesome! And dude I got our BBQ going today, it was so awesome!

Anonymous said...

you need some PESTO on that jawn

nguyen, maria said...

spinach pizza mmm
to your favorite albertan


rye said...

yes comments finally!!

yong this is for comments it's not a message board..

thanks tom

edd there was fresh basil and garlic in there but not pesto i'll do it up next time

maria awwwwww <3 !

sweet lou said...

yo man, i was gonna pay 5 bucks for that

Jolin said...

hey ryan.. ya you ryan. can we make some together =)

rye said...

hahaha any time bromies