Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday Sessions
brought to you by the folks at Re-define dope and www.jolinras.com

1. Ryan throwing down!!
2. Jolin just educating my brother on the ones and twos
3. Jolin, Aj and I chillin
4.Jolin throwing down!
5. Ryan, Aj and I just goofing around
6. Me rockin to that old man funk!
7. Ryeone and Aj , creating
8. Angelo , Aj and I just messin!
9. Ryeonederful doing his thing!
10. Louis Luzuka with the lotus invert!

Wanna session? .. Just feel free to msg me on a sunny day and we'll throw down in the sun!
Food and Drinks provided!

Earl the Pearl
Providing you with whats DOPE


lou said...

haha wth, how did i not get in any of these picturs? send that lotus invert my way pls :$ thanks homebro

lou said...

:$:$:$:$$:$ you're the best!!!!!

vuudoo said...

aw man i went to work to miss this??

re-definedope said...

brian, no worries man many more to come. Prolly this week without the tables though

cas said...

Earl did you steal those blue mats from matheson? ;)

lou said...

this is my fave post.

yongnfresh said...

I want sunday sessions!!!!
I don't work sundays! Count me in?