Monday, April 27, 2009

life on the rye..

people keep asking me how i don't eat meat.. "ryan how do you do it!?!"
honestly it's not that hard. i don't miss meat at all. stuff like this make it easy for me


nothing like a fresh salad on a summer day. pecans, cranberries, avocado, cucumber, spinach, salad mix, cheddar cheese
and this stuff.


i know you wanna be vegetarian too.. join the good guys



Skitch Clothing said...

Sweet! I guess that means I'm one of the good guys!

anitz. said...

i should expose your one secret here,remember that one time...HAHAH jkids :)

rye said...

huh what one time?!

Anonymous said...

that spinach salad looks sooo effin goood!

----> Derick the Blackrick