Thursday, April 2, 2009



I hope everyones reading recently since its been mad raining out haha.

Latest News

I have this Old Old Old Sears road bike which is practically junk but i dedicated myself to putting it into a Project and really giving it some potential, maybe in a few months or in a year it would
turn out the way i want it too but this is gonna take some mad Elbow Grease and a hole in my wallet but I think once i'm done i'll have a sense of Accomplishment. So keep a look out in the next few months!....

In other words I didn't properly Introduce my actual bike i've been riding

The bike frame was actual bought from skitchs own wayne !

51-52 cm(not sure)Iro Mark V frame
sugino messenger cranks.. 44T in the front 15T in the back
700C rear Deep Velocity Wheel & front 650c Spinergy
Ritchey Headset
Pink Oury Grips
metal toe clips
Full speed ahead saddle

I'm not exactly that great yet at remembering the basic parts but i tried.

Ryans Bike!

56 cm Mojia(moja?) frame
Black rear 700c Deep velocity wheel & Black front 650c Deep Velocity wheel
with customized spray paint by Ryan Narita
Sugino Messenger Cranks 44T in the front 18T in the back
Plastic Toe clips with Toshi toe straps
Black Oury Grips
I'm not exactly sure what his seat is but i know its mad comfy!

and there you go folks I introduce you too Re-define dopes fixie clan!

Ps: Interested in the fixed gear scene? hit up Re-define dopes collegues

Duke of Earl


L said...

oOoo love the front wheels and the pink oury grips Earl, haha =D!

adrian said...

dooope bikes

Jolin said...

man those are lames bikes,

re-definedope said...

i don't know who your talking to jolin but your khs can suck my dank! nothing but love!

Jolin said...

who gets a bike with pink handle bars.. and an all orange bike.. why get a fruit. HAHA .. playing.

re-definedope said...

People who aren't afraid to think outside the box asshole! hahaha

Jolin said...