Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sad song on a sunny day

sometimes i like to just stay home and listen to my records. this tends to worry brian especially when he calls my house and he hears al green in the back ground and he knows it's one of "those days" hahaha. truth is if you don't spin'em what are they worth?
it may be one of those days but this is some damn good music.

i just thought i should let you know you're mad sleepin on this song by stevie wonder... just let it run

i know because only one person downloaded it..
summer soft

ryeone chillin in the sun


lou said...

hey i downloaded that!!!!!

lou said...

hey can you make me a sad song album? i need to cut loose

ekushhh said...

i love this post, and your blog is pretty dope...

Jolin said...

illest stevie wonder album.!!