Thursday, April 9, 2009

to hiatus and back

it has a been a long couple of weeks for me dealing with the inner demons of my life. i've fought a long and strenuous battle with my self, over self identity and moral fiber. and it's funny that i put up that april fools joke cause i didn't know i'd totally go on this weird blog hiatus. the best way i can explain to you what i have been doing without this blog for the past few weeks is sorry yes another video. but i promise this explains it all

and to you "young and not awesome at all" guys that keep spamming our comment moderation just how young are you? i mean seriously i read some of that stuff. are you in like grade 7? cause that ish is weak. you don't see me leaving a bunch of stupid turd burglar comments on your site.. you know why? cause i have better things to do then go to a boring ass website run by a couple fagle wannabe designers.. i actually never go to your site so it's actually quite an honor that you come here to check out our site and hate on us.

but that aside i'm back is my basic point here people. back and better then ever on that rocky ish..

ryeone has just begun son

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