Sunday, April 26, 2009

summer breeze makes me feel fine.

i know we've been mad slackin on this.. but you know what?! you've been mad slackin on your end too readers! seriously if you want our gems you have to pay a bit on your end to. i don't think it's much to ask for a comment here and there . and if you want consistency than it's only fare to ask for consistency in return..

well anyways with all this beautiful weather all you can really do is thank God and and throw on those summer jams nawm'sayn?

download it here --> summer breeze- isley brothers

you want this song? i don't know if you deserve it..

okay fine summer soft
i know it gets better trust me.
my favorite man of motown al green

don't forget this one! i've been searching everywhere for this... i hope you appreciate this.
throw your hands up - lv feat treach

is that enough summer jam for ya?

ryeone chilla then the manilla thrilla

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lou said...

wtf, i've been here from the get go.