Friday, April 10, 2009

This S*** is too sweeeet


The caption/title says it all, Valerie- Amy Winehouse is officially my jam for my birthday week. First off on wednesday I officially turned 19 the BIG 19 it feels good , I went to Tunnel for the Questlove performance! shit was bananas i gotta cop some pictures for all of you soon. Thurs I hit up the BoomBox Saints & Afterthought session at LUGZ cafe ... Which was DOPE!, the acoustic feel and the atmosphere was tight!. Now on GOOD friday i'm sitting here jamming to my 2 favorite songs of the week... DON'T SLEEP! on these songs

One of the guys i met named Adi Killing it on the Mic in this song but give big ups to all of them Huggy Fresh and JP!... By far my favorite local vancouver band, if you have the chance, check out ALMIGHTY who actually produced some of there songs BIG UPS!...

DON'T skip out on this ... if you ever have a chance to cop it , Don't hesitate

Earl the Pearl

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lou said...

happy birthday earl