Sunday, June 14, 2009

wow that picture of ice tea is really big...

the line up at 9 am
then the line up grew like a mofo
they had that blood thirsty look in their eyes
then a ton of kids bum rushed the store bought all the good stuff and the temperature raised by about 10 degrees..
anyone who came after 2 was stupid because you basically stood in line for 20 to 30 minutes to the realization that maybe 3 hours earlier smart kids bum rushed the store and bought all the stuff you would have liked.

it's like i tell my home-b jojo, kids are stupid these days..

the rest of the day i just cooled out from a long days work. road my bike visited the birthday dude. and chilled with jolin.



LeeeON said...

Eh whatevers, its about the same shit every year. What did you get?

Jolin said...

hehehe, those are rockets.. stupid americans calling it smarties.

Brian said...

hey i came after 2! that hurt.