Saturday, June 13, 2009

and then once upon a time it was the livesale

live sale is today. i wonder how early you kids got up to go get your hype on? "don't sleep"
well i have to work today so i was up at 6. my early morning remedy, ice tea.
i hate the taste of regular coffee and i don't like drinking a hot beverage in the the morning especially not in the summertime.

nothing beats a cool glass of ice tea.
live healthy live happy people

it's summer home-bees! girls are killin it with the short shorts and dresses keep ya cool don't get the love tko

saw k-os the other day. made me wanna ask him do you remember not having a beard?

anyways i gotta peace it to work lemme know if you want the mp3s to those.

holla atch ' ya boy
and have a ryeonederful day

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Anonymous said...

Dope stuff!

----> Derik the Blackrick