Monday, December 13, 2010

back from the dead

i guess you could call it comeback... it's pretty hard to justify what has been almost a two year hiatus! i don't know what to tell you. the only thing i can say is over the past year and months we've been out it's been a combination of a couple things.


plus we've both been out living our lives. the blogging fell off because we got burnt out and no one was giving us any feed back(let that be a lesson to you. if you like this blog and you like what you see post a comment! or it'll die out once again..)

what have we been up to?

well for starters we've formed a bboy crew you may have heard of us

the raw mind movement

btw that ^ blog has sort of fallen off too hahaha but rest assured the raw mind movement is very much alive in our hearts and minds.
note: this photo ^ is rmm and rmm affiliates hahaha

Raw Cream - Episode I from TheFarLeftTV on Vimeo.

i can't speak for the both of us but that was our biggest collaboration since the hiatus.
for now it's just going to be me writing for this i'm sure earl is super busy with school and life and well look at me! i'm unemployed and i don't go to school. so i'm more than game to fill your internet a.d.d habits. feast your eyes and ears on all the weird interesting attractive things i can offer.

between this post and my last post a lot of stuff has happened. flew out to toronto for a minute. worked at livestock. worked at american apparel. slept. drank. ate. read. etc etc

yada yada yada
then about a couple weeks ago this happened

then suddenly my name blew up all over the internet... 4 pages on google. they should have taken my name off the email those ass holes! (for clarification I'M NOT ANTI SEMITIC!!!!!) over night internet fame. and a lot of negative attention. reminds me of a certain other media incident hahahaha.

a lot more has happened. but i don't feel like writing every single fart that passes through my brain. so thats all for now.

the blog will be different obviously. you don't think i'd remain the same person for 2 years of my post teenage life! it's called growth. if you remember the blog before you've probably already noticed the new layout. nice and shiny. for the sophisticated matured cats. meow. grown out of that sort of hype beast tip.

anyways i digress. your first mission as readers is tell me weather you like seeing the blog this width or this width



GHoST PeNiS said...

Yayy! New Width is best Width.
Glad ur back.

tiger said...

the width you have it right now, so it makes you write more or the body of text will look emptymeow