Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey i realize i didn't post anything yesterday! but this is with good reason. the fact of the matter is i've got the rest of this month and the next month already pre scheduled with posts. whats that mean? it means i'm sitting here sipping my tea while this blog is pretty much on cruise control aside from my photo posts. the reason there is no post for friday is because i know i could post the coolest blog post in the world and no one would care. simply because on friday nights no one is on the internet trying to find entertainment. it's the middle of the week that you weirdos need something to do not the week end.

so it is for that reason that you will rarely see any posts on friday saturday sunday... consider this a rarity.

i thought i'd share this. i thought this was soooo dope

now get off your computer and enjoy your week end already!


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