Wednesday, December 15, 2010

raw mind movement.

the idea behind the group was to always be different no matter what. think different. be different. live different. if everyone does it this way we will do it in reverse, or upside down etc... the group is made up of like minded individuals with an emphasis on being original and being FRESH we can always overcome difficult obstacles or challenges. but a common mis understanding is that we want to be the best. thats not what rmm is about nor was ever about. raw mind movement has always been about changing perceptions. creating. because any fool can become commercially viable or train to be skilled bboy. but not everybody can create an original idea. because an idea is infectious no? a winner is a winner, here today gone tomorrow. but an idea spreads and pretty soon becomes movement. thats why we wanted to call it the "movement" not the "raw mind crew"

anyways i'm blabbing i just wanted to show some creative stuff my crew has been up to

some stuff by my homie brian aka tiger:

a litte collabo with stadiumstn : influence

couple mixes by my homie jolin ras:

STRANGE WAVE by jolinras

interview by justalilhype
(click ^ above link to read an interview )

my homie ivy taking some nice flicks!:
(^ ivy's blog)

kid ho adrian one of the youngins of the crew comin up with the maaaaaad flavors!:
adrian meow time
(click ^ the above link to watch a video of adrian)

well i'm sure there is more stuff i can post. but thats all i've got for now. we've got a good batch of talent in the raw mind movement. keep checking back here for the latest projects


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