Thursday, December 16, 2010

60 seconds with ryeone

if you're new to this site or just can't remember what this segment is about you'll figure it out pretty quickly.
it's just a quick little piece i throw to together of things that catch my eye or ear, or maybe something i just find funny, or something i've been thinking about. be it current events, products or random crap i see on the street.

i'm a fan of ben tour and his work so when round 2 of these shirts came out i was pretty excited.
as seen on my homie tom's blog
btw if you haven't seen the revival and you like fixed gear bikes you need to wake the f*** up! if you've seen macaframa or mash then you neeeeeed to see the revival(which is the best of the three in my opinion)

anyone who knows me knows i've got a soft spot in my heart for stickers.
if you've got a website or brand whatever maybe you just like stickers like me. jeff is hosting a contest to get 500 of your OWN stickers printed for free!!! these are high quality stickers we're talking about. not just your average crappy paper melt in the rain variety...

this is coming out tomorrow!!!!!

anyways it's late or early how ever you wanna look at it...
i'm out


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