Friday, October 16, 2009

Goodbye Jordan 5`s

I needed to get rid of a few things that I don`t really use anymore that I can really hand over to someone and actually cry about it. So I started with my J`s just because my basketball days are over and well their JORDANS!. I`ll just play in my Adidas Clima Cool`s for now, anyway... I had a few emails from certain people, one girl came into lids but that was a no no... Its alright she was wack anyway haha. Then a couple moments later a quiet asian dude named Miles (see I told you man , I`d say your name)came in and bought them. Hes a cool kid, I told him to log onto Re-define, So if your reading this heres your SHINE homie!.

If any of you see him on the streets wearing those 5`s say WASSUP!.

Easy Earl


LeeeON said...

Damn dawg, sick grape 5's.
Too bad they're tooo small =(

Miles said...

Thanks again man, I'll take care of em.

arthurstorm said...


vuudoo said...

goodbye jordan 5's!

and goodbye to you too redefine dope!