Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love digging especially through all these music blogs. I was talking
to my homie and he told me about
from what i've read its a big deal. I came upon one of my favorite music blogs What i came upon was sadness.

"Today we sten up this flag, with the black color for the mourning in losing one of the most important partners in the universe of music blogs: LET’S GO GET IT.
Inadvertently, and maybe for personal motivations of one of this pseudo-artists of the new generation of music, the blog LET’S GO GET IT (headed by Hank) was shut off.

The work that our blogs do, is to spread culture to those who previously would not have access.The work that our blogs do, is to promote the new artists to emerge in a context that no longer recognizes barriers.The work that our blogs do, is to democratize access to art, hoping to create new generations aware of their role in the world."

Register your protests, and send the photos to
We'll publish all in a new blog, which will be created to register the protest with the real participation of all of us.

Enough said.

Earl Mendez

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YEP said...

new blog comin soon.
more updates
more cool bboy shit
more music
more edd