Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommas boy

people may say "ryan you are a momma's boy" but you know what i don't care... moms put up with a lot of crap. cooking cleaning worrying ... you might say it's just another hallmark holiday but moms deserve to be treated like gold. a mothers love is genuine and this may be the gayest post i ever make but it's only once a year so go eat a bag of dicks i love my mommy :)
this ones for you mom 

justin nozuka is pretty underrated in my opinion. it's because they market him like some LG teen heart throb but dudes got maaaaad talent.. better then that gabe bondoc guy. i suggest you check this one out if you don't already know it.

this ones from brian


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vuudoo said...

everything about that mr t music video is comical.

from his camo booty shorts to how he pulls a mic from his back pocket.