Sunday, May 3, 2009


I've been seriously M.I.A and thats not healthy for the blog, but here i am again!

So for those of you who are either boxing fans, Filipino or British or have bestfriends that are Filipino or British or that just heard from your Filipino or British friend's. The one and only
Manny " Pacman " Pacquiao ... took the ring by storm. The fight only lasted 2 rounds... 1st round Pacquiao knocked down Hatton TWICE... +1 for pacman ... 2nd round 20 seconds left i believe pacquiao throws a left hook and leaves Hatton down for 10 thats all you guys really need to know, Hatton left without being interviewed because supposingly he was "weak", In my opinion i think pacquiao left him with a concussion. I have one more question to give up to all you boxing fans.
Who should Pacquiao fight next ? besides mayweather since hes scheduled for a fight in July against Juan Marquez...

These photos were shot by Wally Skalij of Los Angeles Times
You know just in case with all those copyright issues

Ps: I wanna give a Re-define dope shout out to one of our favorites Nes Nes Ya'll
Vanessa Aguinas who is actually enjoying the rain on the east coast(T-dot) haha jokes. I told her i was gonna give her a shout since I miss her and i know for damn sure alot of other people do too so this is for you! Enjoy

Heres a little video dedicated to you!

Nes, the story behind this, is that i was looking through old streetball videos and it reminded me of our BALL DAYS! haha

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Manny is a BEAST!

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