Saturday, May 9, 2009


I love this girls honesty

Hi. Let start going to Hip hop jams and Tunnel every Wednesday, Shine every Friday, Yote every Saturday and Republic every Sunday to get a reputation! Jock on Bboys and wear nike dunks that we got at a warehouse sale (woohoo 29.99!!!) with a matching baby tee and new era fitted hat! and say we listened to break beats and wutang waaaay back when at that time, we werent even born! *sarcasm

OH THE HATE. Take it and shove it up your Stussy-wearing sorry fat asshole :)

I say this is the best post i've seen so far, i haven't seen anyone bash on the scene over here yet. I guess we have a winner!.

just to add on to this hater blog

ps: Just because you own a pair of jordans, sb's and maybe a pair of chuck taylors really doesn't mean that your a sneaker head!....get it get it.

Earl The Pearl loves the hate


Anonymous said...

i swear this girl used to work at plenty in metrotown

miguelito said...

what happen if you're a bboy, do you jock yourself? haha. if there's a bgirl then hmmm.