Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cooking with ryeone: lemon x almond x spinach pesto collab.

first boiling pasta is a pain in the ass you gotta get the perfect texture and cooked'ness, and even to some degree flavor. but some people just don't care about that ish and say pastas pasta but me i'm a perfectionist about that stuff. there are a few tricks like the one where if you fling a strand of pasta at the wall and it sticks then you know it's ready(my personal fave) but the only true way is to just constantly watch over it and taste it every now and then. i like to add a few table spoons of salt to the water.
next up the pesto part.
unfortunately you NEED basil if you want to make this right. and if you don't have a fresh supply growing right outside your house.. hit me up. i planted like 50 billion more then i can even cut and use... it doesn't take a lot just about a hand full
now there are two ways you can do this the lazy mofo way.. or the oldschool blood sweat and a chipped nails way.
i chose half and half cause i'm OG no doubt.. first before i did anything i blitzed up the almonds about two full hand fulls. then i put them aside some were (because they're a garnish) then i put another handful in along with a block of parmesan about a table spoon of salt two cloves of garlic and all the basil and extra virgin olive oil.
the olive oil is an integral part too little and that stuff will be a paste. too much and you got your self a green garlic soup...
just use your spidey sense and add a bit at a time. i'd suggest if this is your first time making pesto just go by table spoon increments til you reach the desired density. me i just go by eye. cause once again i'm og like that.
by this point the pasta is probably done make sure to put some oil on it after you've strained it or you'll be eating a jello mold of spaghetti.
when it first comes out of the blender it'll look something like goose pooh... but don't be thrown off that is what it should look like. mix that into the pasta .
once it's mixed in you need to juice your lemon. poor the lemon juice over top and mix again
now for spinach i just used frozen veriety but if you h-core go by all means use fresh spinach and clean boil and strain it by hand. i just nuked that ish and threw it in and mixed it again.
and voila! i wanted to add tomatoes as well but i just did it on the fly so yea..
this would go good with a nice salad or baguette
don't forget to garnish with the almonds and a bit of freshly grated parm.

veg life don't ya love it?
lemme know if you have anymore recipe questions.
get messy take chances make mistakes!

ryeone done son


Skitch Clothing said...

Love the Cooking with Ryeone section! Veg life forever!

LeeeON said...

damnnn looks freekin good

leatherjacket&soles said...

Maybe some crostini?

Karen said...

that looks awesome!